How to buy Safemoon (UPDATED MAY 9TH, 2021)

I bought the crypto currency Safemoon in 11 steps while playing a drinking game. Follow along for a beginners guide to purchasing the hype coin of the moment. 


1.) Create a account. 

2.) Create a Coinbase account. 

3.) Purchase Ethereum on Coinbase in the amount you want to convert to Safemoon. 

4.) Send Ethereum to Ethereum wallet on Hotbit. 

5.) Convert Ethereum to BNB Smart Chain on Hotbit. 

6.) Download “Trust Wallet” app on iPhone 

7.) Enable DApp “Browser” option on Trust Wallet app. Instructions Here:

8.) On Hotbit, send your BNB Smart Chain to your TrustWallet BNB Smart Chain wallet. 

9.) Search for “PancakeSwap” in DApp Browser, and link your TrustWallet to the Pancake Swap app (button in top right), if not already linked. 

10.) Convert BNB to Safemoon using Pancake Swap. Select “Swap”, your BNB Balance should appear in the top right hand corner of the “From” box. Click “MAX”. Select SAFEMOON in the “To” box. Set “slippage” to 12%. Swap. 

11.) After a few minutes, go into TrustWallet and click the icon in the top/right corner, search Safemoon, and turn on your Safemoon wallet. Shortly, you should see your new Safemoon balance in your wallet.


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